Review: “Cats Love Ewe” Wool Bed

January 2, 2020

Sheep Dreams

When you’re looking to drift into sleep, one of the only things better than counting sheep is to snuggle up on one. My humans got me this cozy wool cat bed over a year ago and I love it!!! It’s from an amazing shop called Cats Love Ewe which offers cruelty-free wool cat beds and toys. My bed fits perfectly on top of my window cot (will review in a future post!). The sweet shop owner even included some free wool heart and ball toys and a very nice note.

This bed is the perfect balance of texture and softness, and it helps me stay cozy without overheating during long napping sessions. Pairs perfectly with my window cot!

  • Item name: Wool Fleece Cat Bed Sheep-friendly Felted Pet Mat- Icelandic – Supporting American Small Farms
  • Price: $32.00
  • Purchased from: Cats Love Ewe (Etsy)

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